Dear Pastor,

I get it because I’ve been there. You’re a pastor of an evangelical church and you’re struggling. Your congregation, the people who look to you for leadership, isn’t growing. You’re in plateau or decline and you’re not sure what to do about it. Nothing seems to be working and what used to work isn’t working any more. You know a church should play a vital role in the community, a role of impact, but your church seems invisible to the community, pressed to the margins, irrelevant. Whose fault is it? Is it yours? Is it your leaders’? Is it your congregation’s? Is it God’s? Surely, there’s a way out, a way up, a way that’s better. Right? But where? How? When?


The GO Center is here for you.



27 years ago, I answered a call to ministry that changed my ministry trajectory. With two church plants under my belt, I looked forward to a life of starting new churches, but God had other plans. You get that, right?


His Plan – His Way!


The call was to an 87-year old church that had declined to 13 members. My mission was to declare these 13 folks the core of a new church and start all over. Indeed, by the grace of God and with the hand of God, we did move forward. In roughly six years, the church turned around and grew to several hundred. More than a hundred were baptized and ministries in the community and beyond flourished. How? I prayed, I studied, I learned and I took action, then WE prayed, WE studied, WE learned and WE took action and, a la Ezra and Nehemiah, the hand of God was upon us.


Pray, Study, Learn & Take Action!


One of our most important discoveries is the impact of lifecycle on a church. Every church is somewhere along its lifecycle, destined for decline if not already there UNLESS spiritual and strategic intervention is intentionally engaged. The GO Center can help you with that as we have helped dozens of others. The place to begin is self-discovery through the Church Lifecycle Assessment. Discover where your church is on the Church Lifecycle and why. Then the stage will be set for turning ministry around. No kidding!


FREE Church Lifecycle Assessment


Complete your FREE Church Lifecycle Assessment and receive your FREE report. This will help you understand where things stand, your starting point. Then, if you’re interested in more feedback, you can schedule a one-hour debrief with me. Sorry, the debrief isn’t free. I can’t give that away, but I’m reasonable. Promise.


One-Hour Lifecycle Assessment Debrief with Ken Priddy


Don’t wait. Things are not going to get better by themselves. Don’t just let the future happen. Make the future happen. We can show you how. By God’s grace, let’s do this.


For the Harvest,

Ken Priddy

Rev. Ken Priddy, D.Min., Ph.D.

GO Center Executive Director


“From my perspective, Dr. Kenneth Priddy is one of the top two or three authorities on church revitalization in the United States. His approach to renewing churches is biblically sound, practically useful, and strategically solid. If you wish to see your church be fruitful in its evangelism and outreach, I advise you to listen, learn, and leverage Dr. Priddy’s insights for kingdom growth.”


Gary L. McIntosh, Ph.D.


Professor of Christian Ministry & Leadership

Talbot School of Theology, Biola University


“Ken Priddy has a gift for helping pastors and churches. His remarkable insights and passion for the   Good News are helping our congregation catch a fresh vision for doing the work of the Kingdom.”


Dr. James Banks


Pastor – Peace Church, Durham NC

Author, The Lost Art of Praying Together,

Prayers for Prodigals (Discovery House Publishers)